The Topfanz fan consultants

an infinite experience in the purchase of football merchandising

Just as a technical director, helped by a network of scouts, attracts the right talents, we are able to create your merchandising range.
We’d like to be your Alex Ferguson… Ready to think creatively about your merchandising range together?

Extensive and reliable network of producers

  • New suppliers are extensively inspected (site visits, audits, test orders) and respect all legal European obligations, allowing us to guarantee quality.

  • We don’t just look for ‘suppliers’, we prefer to enter into partnerships: we guarantee unique products by agreeing exclusivity with our partners.

  • Thanks to our worldwide network, anything is possible: from fast delivery in small quantities to a large order at a lower prices.

  • Together with specialised ready-to-wear clothing companies, we create high-quality textiles.

In-depth market knowledge

Based on our market knowledge, we advise you in the selection of products and help you grow your turnover:

  • New trends: as fanatical football supporters, we feel – live inside the stadium – what supporters and clubs need. Have you ever thought of personalized items, for example?

  • Benchmarking: based on our years of experience as a football merchandiser, we know exactly which (basic) products fans often buy.

  • International experience: Topfanz supports teams in various countries, from Belgium and the Netherlands to France and England.

Economies of scale

  • As a market leader, we are able to set up group purchases for popular items that guarantee a competitive price.

  • As a member of the Topfanz family, you’ll get access to original products that you would never be able to buy as an individual club.

Experience with business partners

  • By branding scarves, gadgets, … and distributing them within the business community, you’ll activate your sponsor’s brand name.

  • By raffling unique products (e.g. match flags, captain’s band, …) and offering exclusive B2B gifts, you’ll strengthen the relationship with your business partners.

  • Each game will get an extra dimension with a business-tombola (and accompanying gadgets).

KV Kortrijk

I expect a product and design that strengthens the identity of our club.

Jelle Brulez

Commercial Manager B2C – KV Kortrijk

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You’re only as good as your last match and that unwritten football law also applies to merchandising. What are the latest trends? Here are a few inspiring products.


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