The most frequently asked of all questions


Customers or friends often ask us: what is Topfanz really good at? It’s not in our nature to give a spontaneous eulogy about ourselves when such a question is asked. That’s why we came up with a creative solution: what if we put the strengths of Topfanz in a ‘scouting report’, in which we compare our company with a football player? The result is shown below.

Player insight: specialists in football brand merchandising, with a lot of market knowledge

Vista: a partner who thinks strategically

Club love: football lovers with a passion for fan experience 

Experience: market leader who knows what works and is up to date with the latest trends

Versatility: operational total solution (logistics – purchasing – marketing)

Awareness: dynamic and agile organisation

Surprise pass: beautiful designs and original marketing advice, tailored to your club.

Smooth dribble: personal approach and informal style



Do you want to check whether the scout in question has done his job properly? Then we would be happy to visit you and introduce you to Topfanz in practice.